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Education Policy Documents:

  • The Educational Tribunals Bill, 2010

Objective: To provide for establishment of dedicated central & state tribunals for education related disputes

Status: Pending with the Rajya Sabha.

THE Educational Tribunals Bill 2010 was introduced in parliament on May 3, 2010 to establish educational tribunals at the national and state levels for “effective and expeditious adjudication of disputes” in the higher education sector. The bill covers all kinds of disputes involving teachers, other employees of higher educational institutions and other stakeholders including students, universities and statutory regulatory authorities. It also provides penalties for indulging in unfair practices.

  • Foreign Universities Bill, 2010

Objective: To regulate the entry and operation of foreign educational Institutions in India

Status: Pending with the Parliamentary Standing Committee.

  • Prohibition of Unfair Practices Bill, 2010

Objective: To prohibit unfair practices in technical Institutions, medical educational Institutions and universities

Status: Pending with the Parliamentary Standing Committee.

ALL stakeholders in the institutions of higher education have since long been demanding that a comprehensive enabling legislation should be enacted by the central government in order to bring private general and professional higher educational institutions under social control. This should include regulation of fees and charges levied from students, admissions of students, reservations, course contents, examination, service conditions of the teaching and other employees, and infrastructural facilities.

  • The National Commission for Higher Education & Research Bill, 2010

Objective: To consolidate multiple regulations and regulators such as the UGC, AICTE and NCTE and the creation of a single super regulator

Status: Draft legislation circulated for public comments

  • The Universities for Innovation Bill, 2010

Objective: To provide a regulatory framework for establishment of world class Universities of Innovation & research

Status: Draft legislation circulated for public comments

  • Right To Education Act
  • Deemed University Regulations Act
  • The Institute of Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2010
  • Concept Note on Innovation Universities
  • Yashpal Committee Report ( Committee to advise on Renovation & Rejuvenation of Higher Education)
  • Ernst & Young – EDGE 2011 Report


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Deemed University regulations Act