Japan keen to invest in education sector in Uttarakhand: Govt

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India - JapanAccording to an official representative of the Uttarakhand state government, a Japanese education society, Hi-No-De’s representatives met Chief Minister Harish Rawat and expressed interest in investing in the education sector of the Uttarakhand. To provide suitable workforce for Japanese industries in India, Japan has showed interest in consolidated vocational training programs in Uttarakhand.

The Japanese industrialists will require skilled resources, as they are prepared to invest heavily in the Indian market. Appropriate educational and vocational training programs are required to the workforce; as the Japanese Industries look forward to acquire workforce from this very place for their real big time investment on the Indian soil, informed the society members. The team had a meeting with the Chief Minister with anticipated outcome. The CM also shared encouraging and positive government policies for the development of education and creation of a better workforce in the near future to get these Japanese companies more involved.

Spelling out priorities of the state government, Rawat said it wants to provide professional education to the youth in accordance with the demands of today’s highly competitive times.

Uttarakhand government’s attractive policies are sure to appeal the Japanese Industrialist for better investment results.

A meeting within the ministry held, in presence of Chief Secretary N Ravishankar, Secretary Technical education RK Sudhanshu and Secretary Higher education Radhika Jha by the government of state, for a faster execution of the plans and start off with the work as soon as possible.