IIMB plays host to 20 students from Myanmar

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IIM BOver the past four years, a number of delegations from ASEAN countries have visited the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

In the exchanges held amid these visits, extension of cooperation and assistance in training was the focus. Similarly, training of civil servants and MBA students were proposed as the focus of discussions during these visits.

As a first concrete result of the efforts made so far, a training workshop organized by the Centre for Public Policy, at IIM Bangalore in October 2012, was attended by a batch of 20 MBA students from the University of Mandalay in Myanmar. The second group from the same University successfully completed their workshop cum training program in November 2013.

The on-going efforts in the Myanmar government towards opening their economy to foreign cooperation and investment in the private and the public sector have been enhanced by this one step in a significant way and contributed to India – Myanmar bilateral exchanges on the other hand.

The Workshop cum Training Programme for the third batch of 20 students from the University of Mandalay in Myanmar, is being organized by the Centre for Public Policy at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore from 15th to 24th March 2015.

The CPP hopes to expose the students to various aspects of doing business domestically in a given economy and more relevantly, in the international context, through this programme. The students wish to get an idea of our business environment which has a significant international content.

The training includes pedagogy, both in the national and in the global context, relating to various aspects of entrepreneurship, management of small and medium enterprises, sustaining and expanding the financial and human resources of an enterprise.