Published On: Mon, Mar 30th, 2015

IIMB Hosts its 40th Annual Convocation amidst Plenty of Cheer

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40th Annual ConvocationDr. Devi ShettyDr. Kiran Majumdar -ShahDr. Sushil VachaniIIMB


The 40th Annual Convocation of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) was held at the beautiful IIMB Campus. A total of 592 students graduated from the prestigious institution this year.

“An important area of focus for IIM Bangalore has been an increasing emphasis on globalization of our programs, our research and our impact. The launch of new international field courses has dramatically raised the number of PGP students who traveled abroad for study from 34% of the batch to 64%. Similarly, from the Executive PGP and the Public Policy and Management programs, 100% of our students spend time abroad. Such exposure prepares our students for leadership in the world economy,” said IIMB Director Dr. Sushil Vachani, in his inspiring address, he emphasized the importance of students needing to develop a global perspective in today’s interconnected world.

While highlighting the achievements of IIM Bangalore during the academic year 2014-15, Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, specifically spoke on how technology and globalization are creating a world that is a “boundary-less bazaar” of equitable opportunities. “IIM Bangalore is cognizant of these changes and has ensured that the Institution is in sync with what’s happening globally,” she added.

With a special mention of the work that the Narayana Group of Hospitals has been doing in making healthcare affordable to the poor, Dr. Devi Shetty sharing his own life experiences and career choices, he exhorted the young techno-savvy graduates to also be spiritual. Pointing out that charity is not scalable, advised students to steer clear of negativity and needless criticism.

The chief guest Dr. Devi Shetty had awarded the gold medals, Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw had presented the 592 students with their graduation diplomas, and the students had accepted their scrolls with humility and grace, the Open Air Auditorium at IIM Bangalore erupted into loud cheers.