Published On: Mon, Apr 13th, 2015

IIM-A Getting Younger Professors

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IIMAIn the 1980s, seemingly wise 60-year-old professors, who had earlier enjoyed a busy corporate career for years would be spotted teaching a packed class at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.  Now, the age gap between a faculty member and a student seems to be closing there.
Today, several are taking path of teaching as it pays attractively and corporate life-span shortening dramatically.
The average age of freshly recruited faculty fell from the mid-50s to 30s is reflected in the Recruitment records from the business school. Currently, about 30 faculty members are yet to turn 40 at IIMA. Four new faculty members have joined IIMA less than 40 years of age in last one year.
Professor Dheeraj Sharma, 38, a faculty in marketing and organizational behaviour at IIM-A told that he became a professor at the age of 23 at a university in the US because he believe that teaching is the best way to contribute at the societal level. At the same time, he has the autonomy to set my schedule and the opportunities in academics are galore now.

Students find young faculty more approachable and they connect at a deeper level as young faculty is closer to their age, according to a young professor in early 30s. The style of teaching has also changed at IIM-A along with age.
At IIM-A, regardless of their age and designation faculty members address each other by first name. Professor Vaibhavi Kulkarni from the communications department said that during meetings, she find herself perfectly comfortable expressing her opinion even when her viewpoint differs from another, more experienced faculty member.
Most of the young faculty members have a PhD from foreign universities.

Dean for faculty at IIM-A, G Raghuram said that they have increased their faculty strength from 80 to 93 in last two years in a planned move.