Published On: Sat, Apr 11th, 2015

AICTE Denied Approval To 588 Institutions

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AICTEAcross the country 588 technical institutions have been denied approval to run various programmes by The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Primarily, bad infrastructure, shortage of faculty and poor academic performance are reasons for disapproval.
To commence a new academic year technical institutions across the country, including engineering, polytechnic, management and pharmacy colleges, have to apply for mandatory approval from the AICTE every year. Details are uploaded by the colleges on a portal to be verified by the apex body.  If documents pertaining to any norm are not available or not satisfactory, the application is rejected.
For the coming academic year 2015-16, the AICTE found that 588 institutions did not satisfy the norms. Most institutions did not fulfil the infrastructure norms or were short on faculty. Many institutions have applied for an increase in intake has shortage of faculty and lack of enough classrooms and laboratories.
In Uttar Pradesh 107, Maharashtra 88, Haryana 32 and Tamil Nadu, the state with the highest number of technical institutions in the country, has 31 institutions that have been denied approval.
As one of their courses has been disapproved, there are some top institutions on the list. “There are two good colleges on the list. In each, one course did not satisfy the norms, but they are among the top 20 institutions in the state,” said a professor of a private engineering college.
According to educational consultant J P Gandhi performance of faculty, recruitment of fresh faculty, implementation of biometric attendance system for faculty and research activities is also considered. AICTE looks at yearly performance so just the required number of teachers is not enough.