Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2015

Can Education be Digitized?

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Things are changing fast in the technology arena and it is causing numerous sectors to make relevant changes too. This goes for education sector too where the biggest leap would be to adopt the concept of digital classrooms. This might be a new concept, but it will be a big leap in providing education in far to reach areas. Imagine one would not need to attend a real mortar and brick classroom anymore. It would be made available to them via internet or video lectures. This way not only will the students benefit by seeking much needed education, but the teachers too will be able to impart education to people at large.

Now the thing to question is the advantage that it would offer to university leaders. It would be more like a tandem that would help adopt the virtual education and provide world class education. Designing modules, online courses would benefit teachers and students equally. A process that would be made available by academicians and university professors will be well designed to serve the purpose. Not only this, but it would help them understand how they can contribute their best utilizing the latest technology. After all it is all about providing best education to maximum number of students. The confines of classroom will no longer be restricting in knowledge sharing. Working in collaboration with several universities and tie-ups with foreign universities would be a good start.

Various geographical locations where students are working with exchange program would highly benefit with it. Project completion through virtual teams will benefit both. The time gap will be covered when there is not restriction to sharing and working on common projects. It is all about working with the latest technology  in hand to the best of students and academicians.