‘Inspector Raj’ in Higher Education to end soon, Self-disclosure mandatory : Kapil Sibal

21 Mar, 12
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The Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal has said that the government is working on making ‘self disclosure’ mandatory for all higher education institutions. The minister added that the role of government agencies on ‘inspection’ and ‘accreditation’ of institutions will be diluted with time.

 “Our government is going to make it mandatory for educational institutions to put all important information that stakeholders need to know in public domain through their website. We want to do away with the inspector raj in education sector, wherein government agencies inspect the educational institution and accredit them accordingly,” the Union Minister of Human Resources Development said at a roundtable conference on Higher Education in New Delhi.

He said such a move will help end the ‘inspector raj’ in higher education sector as everybody including students can find out what value they are going to derive after taking a course in that particular institute.

“The government agencies will not need to ‘inspect’ and ‘accredit’ different colleges and universities as the students and other stakeholders themselves would be able to evaluate a particular institute on the basis of the information available on their website,” Sibal said.

He further added that government will take legal action if the information is found misleading and inaccurate at any point in time. “The institutes will be asked to update their website on regular basis and if any information is found misleading or incorrect at any point of time, appropriate legal action would be taken against them,” he said.

While highlighting the need of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Education Sector, Sibal said

“There is a dire need of FDI in education sector as it is very difficult for the Government to cater to the increasing infrastructural need in the sector in India,” he said, adding, “Government and private players should align together to make education more accessible which would lead to a better quality of human resources.”

The minister said that he envisions a system where different universities come together on a common platform to teach students together on the specific courses that a student would like to pick.

“These kind of open platforms are going to be the future of the world. It would dramatically reduce the travel time and faculty from different universities and sphere can be made available on this platform. It would encourage interaction between the faculty and the student community,” he said.

Speaking on the concept of Meta-University in cyberspace he explained “The Meta-University involves a Facebook kind of institution where 20 to 30 universities join hands and become one classroom. In the system, students can opt for a mix of courses and they will be awarded degree from all the universities together,” he said, adding “This can be done easily by creating cyber platforms. University can communicate with each other and through the process they can advance their knowledge too.”

[Source: MBAUniverse]

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