G Madhavan Nair: Taking higher education to masses a challenge

18 Jan, 12
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G Madhavan Nair

Former ISRO chairman G Madhavan Nair said that the country faces major engineering challenges in the energy and education sectors.

He said that as less as 12 per cent of the population gets the level of college education and one of the major challenges in the engineering sector was to take education to the mass.

Nair said, “Estimates show to provide education for all, around 1,00,000 new schools are needed. This is not feasible when you count the added costs of faculty and management. Satellite technology can be the answer.”

He was delivering the 47th Mysore Engineers Commemorative Lecture on ‘Engineering Challenges in the Country’ at the Institute of Engineers in Bangalore. Discussing the challenges in the energy sector, Nair urged industries to adopt wind energy solutions more proactively. He also expressed hope in solar energy technology, calling it the ultimate solution to renewable energy.

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