UGC: IIPM can not award degrees

19 Jul, 12
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Establishment of fake universities has always been a concern for University Grant Commission(UGC). In the light of it, UGC has declared that Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) is not recognized by it. The institute is also not entitled to award degrees.

As per the sources, “…IIPM is not a university within the meaning of the UGC Act. Further, as per section 22 of the Act, IIPM does not have the right of conferring or granting degrees as specified under the Act.

The commission, which has been updating the students about fake universities and institutes in the country, also made it clear that only universities which are established under UGC Act or an institute especially empowered by Parliament to award degrees can confer or grant degrees.

IIPM is neither entitled to award MBA, BBA, BCA degree not is it recognised by UGC. It has campuses across the country and it is not the first institute against which UGC has issued such notice cautioning the students against the institute awarding degrees.

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