ITI teachers in Uttar Pradesh will be trained by CII & TCS

The Confederation of Indian Industries(CII) and Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) has taken the responsibility to train the teachers working in the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in Uttar Pradesh for one week.

The workshop is expected to enhance the employability skills of teachers in the state-run ITIs. The faculty development programmes conducted by CII in UP are in line with a long-standing demand by industry in the state for increasing the employability skills among students passing out of government-run ITIs. According to an estimate made by the CII, employability among Indian students is believed to be as low as 10% — one of the reasons why a large numbers of students passing out of state-run institutes remain unemployed. The industry body has also agreed to conduct a skill gap study for the state, following which the government can reorient the training programmes, both for the students as well as the teachers.

According to the government official, this exercise helps all stakeholders, including the state, industry and trainees. The programme will upgrade the skills of ITI faculty and help them pass on the knowledge to students, while industry will get trained manpower. The available data with the state government confirms that there is acute shortage of ITIs in UP, with nearly 3.5 lakh applicants applying for 50,000 seats in government-run ITIs. The teachers’ training programme is also expected to plug the shortage of ITI teachers — currently pegged at 1,500 posts of instructors out of total 3,500 posts.

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