Bharati Vidyapeeth University is now under A Category of Deemed Universities


The Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune has been updarded to ‘A’ category of deemed universities by Human Resource Development Ministry (HRDM). The institution was on ministry’s watchlist for being part the 44 ‘B’ category deemed universities that were given three years’ time in October 2009 to overcome their deficiencies.

The vice-chancellor, Shivajirao Kadam, said that we received a communication from the HRD ministry on October 19 conveying us that the ministry’s task force, which examined our compliance report, has accepted the same and has put us in the ‘A’ category.

According to the sources, the category upgrade will enable Bharati Vidyapeeth to secure permanent recognition and vital grants from the University Grants Commission under sections 2 (f) and 12 (B) of the UGC Act. This will facilitate further strengthening of our academic, research activities and expansion plans.” Setting up of an offshore campus will now be an easier option for the deemed varsity.

K Damayanthi, director (ICR) in the HRD ministry’s department of higher education, said that the ministry has forwarded a letter confirming the upgrade to Bharati Vidyapeeth. The task force has yet to take a final call on the status of other Pune-based deemed universities listed under ‘B’ category institutions.

Apart from that, as per Times of India The ‘A’ category related to those institutions which, on an aggregate of their achievements; performance as well as potential, justified their continuation as deemed universities. Category ‘B’ related to those institutions, which on an aggregate were “found to be deficient in some aspects”, which needed to be rectified over a three-year period for them to move into the ‘A’ category. The ‘C’ category related to those institutions, which neither on their past performance nor on their promise for the future, the attributes to retain their status as had deemed universities.



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