Manmohan’s Chair accepted by Prof Ajit Singh at Panjab University

Professor Ajit Singh is a Cambridge economist who spent all his academic life teaching and researching at Cambridge since 1964, is an alumnus of the Panjab University. He has accepted ‘Dr Manmohan Singh Chair’ named after Prime Minister at the Panjab University.

Indian-origin, Professor Singh said “It is great honour for me to chair Dr Manmohan Singh Chair in Punjab University because of Dr Manmohan Singh’s outstanding qualities but also because he was my teacher at Panjab University when I started doing economics.” He has official accepted the proposal that was offered by the University to him in May, 2012.

Dr Manmohan Singh Chair is based at the Department of Economics, Panjab University. Prof Singh has published numerous research papers, advised several governments at the highest level and assisted international organisations focused on development, during his career.

After teaching at Cambridge since 1964, Prof Singh retired in 2007, and continues his research as an Emeritus Professor of Economics and a Life Fellow of Queen’s College, Cambridge. Prof Singh’s current research is concerned with the rise of India and China and their economic interactions with advanced and emerging countries.

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