Sibal: National Knowledge Network to connect all institutes

28 Feb, 11
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The Union Minister of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Kapil Sibal has announced the National Knowledge Network, a multi-gigabit information network would connect around 26,000 colleges and 800 universities in the next three to four years. He was speaking at a function organised at the Rajagiri Public School in Kochi.

Sibal said the information would be accessed free of cost once the connectivity was through. There would be a global opportunity as India would be providing the workforce of the world by 2050, the minister said and added that the country would be the hub of knowledge.Addressing the students and teachers, he said the nature of education had changed. It was no longer a dialogue or solo act between the teacher and the student.

“Give the child the choice at the school and university levels,” Sibal said.

“The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning to introduce vocational courses as only 13 percent of those who enrol themselves in schools reaches the universities. The government is planning to make CBSE a statutory authority,” he added.

Sibal said the concept wherein every student set apart Re 1 a day for his less privileged brother captured the essence of the Right to Education Act.

“My vision is to reach out to those children who are deprived of good education. Professionally run institutions can help a lot in this regard,” he said.

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